Frequently asked questions

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There are two other critical documents worth mentioning, including the Bill of Sale and the Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance. The Bill of Sale formally records the transfer of legal title from buyer to seller, while the Protocol of Delivery & Acceptance outlines the specific time and date of the transfer for ensuring insurance cover is seamless.
This value will vary dramatically depending on a number of factors including the owner’s boating experience, the current navigational equipment onboard, where the superyacht will be sailed, the value of the vessel and weather it will be used as a live-aboard or for cruising offshore.
Materials and workmanship are generally guaranteed for a certain warranty period after delivery, as not all systems and equipment will be used and tested immediately.
Most superyachts have internet connections, and all linen, towels, sun creams, hairdryers and basic toiletries are supplied.
In general, you can sail at most times of the day if weather and sight conditions allow it, and providing it doesn’t conflict with the itinerary discussed with the captain and broker too significantly.
Your builder will introduce you to yacht designers, and designs, depending on what type of yacht you are interested in. You will be shown the yachts that designers have completed to give you a good gauge on what may interest you.
New build yachts can take from a few months to a few years to complete, so there may be a while to wait for delivery. You may know of a luxury superyacht builder or luxury yacht designer that you are specifically interested in, or perhaps you have your heart set on the newest most modern must-have superyacht features. It is possible to build a complete custom design from start to finish, or chose a semi-custom model. It is also possible to purchase a superyacht that is in the process of being built, which has come on to the market prior to completion. In this case, it may be possible to enable any mid-build changes you would like. Choosing an existing superyacht on the other hand offers the advantage of being able to use it immediately. When buying an existing superyacht, you could also refit the yacht to your own personal style with the latest technological innovations.
Several banks will finance the purchase of either new or existing used superyacht for sale, if required. Terms will vary, although it is common that a proportion of the loan and interest repayments can be delayed until the end of the loan term when it can be paid by refinancing or by using sale proceeds. If choosing this method of financing, lenders may also want a say in which country the superyacht is kept and registered and may also require direct payment of any charter monies to the bank itself.
The Build Contract?
The purchase of a custom built or semi-custom built new superyacht varies from usual luxury yacht sales or an existing or already completed superyacht purchase. The build contract is a key document when undertaking a new build. The Shipyard will usually hold a standard set of contractual terms that they will present you, although it is possible to add amendments and incorporate personal requirements. The build contract outlines not only the total cost of the project agreed prior, but also the instalments in which it may be paid, as well as factoring in fluctuations in materials costs and exchange-rates. The contract will commonly reflect the strict range of regulations that ship builders face in fine detail, outlining the superyacht’s specifications and including where the superyacht will be used, if it will be used for charter, and the flag which it will fly. A guarantee of materials and workmanship for a given warranty period should also be outlined. If you choose a new build superyacht rather than an existing luxury yacht sale, and you have selected an independent designer, it is important to receive highly detailed blue prints to limit different interpretations from the yacht builder. Further, when building a custom built new yacht, a separate interior designer may be needed, as well as a naval architect and independent technical surveyor. The contracts with these parties should be incorporated into a single build agreement, to ensure all work in harmony together.

Performance and delivery of your Superyacht.
No two yachts are ever perfectly identical, and as such, their performance in terms of speed, noise levels, vibration and range, are difficult to predict, even with today’s sophisticated computer-aided techniques. It is common to agree a fixed sum as compensation if the performance criteria aren’t met exactly but still fall within certain limits. Before the exciting all-important delivery of your new superyacht can take place, it is important that all legal documents relating to title are presented prior to the final payment being made. If this important step is not completed, the superyacht cannot be registered and therefore cannot legally sail.The new equipment and systems on a new build superyacht will only be used and tested in varying weather conditions over time. Therefore, materials and workmanship are usually guaranteed for a period of warranty following delivery. It’s common to agree for some form of financial security to be provided by the builder, perhaps in the form of a bank guarantee or by the last installment being withheld until the end of the warranty period.